Dwelling deeper into Home Brewing

Home brewing as a culture is an older kind of culture but still relatively new, its popularity only really came around because of the probationary period in American history. People all over the USA wanted to drink fermented beverages but couldn’t purchase it, so instead they decided to make their own.

Home brewing funny enough is as old as America itself if not older, (as I mentioned in my previous blog) George Washington brewed his own beer and handed it out to people so that they would be more motivated to go to the polls to vote (If only we could motivate people like that today). It is embodied into the American culture and has been for quite some time, the biggest example would be in the probation when alcohol was illegal. Many people were arrested and prosecuted for home brewing and a crime ring even formed around the process. When it was made to be legal again people realized how much fun it was making your own beverages and flexing your creative mind to make something that many people including yourself can enjoy.

Now I am sure that many of you are getting excited about the process and can’t wait to start your very first batch of beer or mead or whatever you would like to produce, but do not worry if you are underage my friends you are allowed to home brew under the supervision of a parent or guardian (But cannot legally drink it until you reach the required drinking age). Home brewing takes place all over America and pretty much anyone can do it, the culture is ever expanding with new recopies, new tricks, and new ways to brew.

With every culture comes a market, weather it be music, hiking, or even stamp collecting each culture for the most part does cost money to enjoy. For instance in home brewing you have to get the fermenter, the airlock, the siphon hose, the yeast, the ingredients, the cleaning supplies, and so much more. The cool thing about home brewing is that it is all relatively cheap (provided you purchase the less expensive equipment), so it is easy for almost anyone (as long as they have parent permission if under that age of 21) to brew in your own home and become enveloped in the ever expanding culture that is home brewing.


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