Creating sustainable home brewing culture

The process of home brewing can be a long tedious one that requires both patience and the equipment necessary to create something new. Unfortunately through this process there is a lot of purchasing of equipment and waste that is produced from home brewing. There are several ways that people can be more sustainable with the process of home brewing. 

There are many at home methods that you can use in order to be more sustainable such as reusing cleaning water, growing your own ingredients, and using local products to help stimulate the local economy. What I think would be a good idea for helping sustainability is also a great business opportunity. I would like to open up a place that not only advises on how to properly home brew but also rent equipment to people, a lot of people purchase new equipment that is made from cheap plastics but if they could rent excellent equipment for a lower price. Renting equipment could be a cheaper and more efficient for beginners and even experts.

In the establishment there would also be a place to bring the residue from the batch of their fermented beverage over to the place so it could be reused for later use in other batches (If it is dried out and strained for at least one week).

Specifically the reason I want to do this so badly is because there are no stores that use sustainable home brewing techniques. There are several books on sustainable home brewing but no specific stores that provide such sustainable options.


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