The face of home brewing

There are many different kinds of beverages to make and many different recipes to try, almost limitless amounts of variation that can be achieved. Within this whole culture though there are the people who go forth and put this activity into practice and enjoy it as both a hobby and even as their job. In the last post I talked about a practice that I would like to put into place, the more sustainable practices that home brewers can take. As a home brewer myself purchasing new supplies can be a hassle especially if you only need to use one item once in a while. We can help be more sustainable by renting this equipment or even reusing the yeast. Yeast is not very expensive but we could practice a more sustainable method if we apply ourselves. These packs of yeast averagely cost anywhere from $1.00 to $3.00, but this could be cheaper if we use the more sustainable choice. Most home brewers normally throw away the the excess yeast that is left over after the fermenting process. But a consumer could save more if they just dehydrate the left over yeast so it could be reused.

This process and idea would designate with all the people involved with home brewing because it’ll be more sustainable and it will save them money as well. There is not many rental places for equipment however because most home brewers like to own their equipment so they can always have it, but if there were a well known store that they could rent equipment from for cheaper than they might change their minds about that. The yeast would also be a problem because most people would not want to transfer the excess to a different location so that it could be dried out for later use. The reason they wouldn’t do this is because the residue can be (to be honest) kind of gross to clean out and even transport. I believe though that if people were to learn more about the sustainable and cheaper option then they would love to start to be more sustainable in their home brewing process.


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