Concerns with home brewing

In the world of home brewing there are not many socio-cultural problems that occurs with in the culture that is home brewing. In the older times (the 1920-1930) the prohibition there was more of a socio-cultural problem because of the thought process around fermented beverages. In modern times though people tend not to have problems with the home brewing culture as it is. It is a culture that many people enjoy and that brings people together, weather it be neighbors, festivals, or even competitions people all over the world love to home brew.

The process of home brewing does not effect the environment as much, the only way it does is with the equipment that is used and made for the process of home brewing. There is a lot of plastics involved in the process from the primary fermentor (which could also be a glass jug but it mostly plastic) to the siphon hose, to the extra stuff that you use in order to create the beverage of of your choice.

In the home brewing process there are many regulations that are implemented to ensure that this is just a hobby and not people using it as a business to sell. Each state is different in the legality of the home brewing process, how much they can make at a time, age restrictions, and how much you can keep in storage in one area at a time.


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