Marketing for Home Brewing

While home brewing is a very fun and interactive hobby to be a part of but it is not a widely popular activity that people take a part of. It is an expensive hobby to take a part of and that can turn a lot of people off to the whole process and experience that is home brewing.

Being able to be successful with the business that I have suggested*, there needs to be a good marketing strategy in order to pursued and show people how much fun home brewing is and to get them involved in the process. I feel like the best way to get people into home brewing would be to show off the rich history and how it is commonly passed down from family member to family member. A lot of the way people get involved is by the word of mouth marketing or maybe they will see a video online through a online marketing. I got involved through a video that I saw involved a video game group called The Creatures and they got a mail package from a fan and that was a mead kit, so they made a batch in a video and it looked like so much fun that I decided to get involved as well.

In order to get this product to an international status creating a web of connections so that they can all support one idea and product. The way that they could do this is start with commercials in the area promoting the home brewing idea and culture then put shops in the area so that people can have better access to the equipment and to show people what the idea is all about. In order to do this there would need to be a team of people dedicated and with enough knowledge to perhaps go over to the area and have an expo showing off their beverages then tell people that it is all home brewed and that they can make them too. Having a hands on experience is the most vital part of the home brewing experience and can turn it from a hobby into a lifestyle.


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