The Marketing plan for Home Brewing (Entry 7)

Home Brewing can be one of the most enriching and satisfying experiences a person can go through, being able to take the time and effort into a project (your beverage) then be able to enjoy it after and not only see the fruits of your labor but to also taste them and share them with others has to be one of my favorite feelings that a person can go through. The process itself can be complicated but with the help of a professional (or for me the internet) I was able to make a product that I am proud of

(A great video to see for how to make a basic beverage is this one below)

Now that you have the basis for the beverage that I prefer to make I would like to discuss with you the basic strategic marketing plan that I have for the business I would like to start.

If you have not read my previous blog posts then I will explain if not then you can skip to the next paragraph, I would like to make a shop where you can rent brewing equipment so that it can reduce the amount of waste produced from making individual products, a place where people can go and ask for professional advice where they would go with you and even walk you through the process, and most importantly a place where you can reuse the yeast that is used in the home brewing process instead of throwing it away.

My marketing plan is to first get my degree in business and open a shop with a couple of my friends who also home brew with me. We would start as a regular shop and hopefully by 2020 we can start to use our expertise to walk people through the process and even have them brew in the shop where the owners would then watch over their creation until it is ready for consumption. After a while of this we would hope by 2023 that we have started to reuse yeast so that it can be more sustainable for the planet and more cost efficient for the patrons of the shop. By 2026 we hope to open a second shop somewhere and then expand from there and become a nation or even world wide franchise that is well known and looked up too for being one of the first sustainable home brewing franchises.

These are my plans and hopes for the home brewing industry, I hope you follow with me through as I pursue these dreams and hopes and hopefully revolutionize the home brewing industry


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Video Credit to: epicfantasy


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