Final thoughts on the blogging process

All in all the process of creating, maintaining, and reasearching a blog was an interesting one, I have never really worked on a blog before nor do I regularly read blogs. This process opened my mind more and got me interested in how people work on blogs and I would love to continue to do this in the future. Being able to work on a topic that I hold dead (Home brewing) was equally as enlightening it let me not only research interesting facts about it but learn about how to better myself in the process and figure out why I got involved with home brewing in the first place.

Some blogging experiences that worked for me was the research aspect, as I said earlier I am a huge fan of home brewing so being able to blog about a topic I enjoy made me put forth more motivation to writing. Some of the things that did not work while I was in the blogging process were some of the technical aspects, I did have a difficult time figuring out how certain things worked and with the restrictions that some sites have (unless you pay money) it was difficult to blog to the best of my abilities.If I could improve the content of my blog I would have done more research into certain topics and gotten more into the technical aspects of blogging to make it more visually appealing. I feel like through this process is has not only made me a better blogger but also more aware of a hobby that I really enjoy and the rich history that entails in certain drinks.

I hope this blog helped inform you about the home brewing process and I hope that through this blog you can try out home brewing yourself, it is a truly amazing hobby that is incredibly old and very satisfying to take part of. Thank you for joining me through this amazing journey if you do make your own beverages I would love to see how they turn out you can contact me here happy brewing!


(Video credit to: Skaldic Media)

Photo credit to: The drink nation


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