Final thoughts on the blogging process

All in all the process of creating, maintaining, and reasearching a blog was an interesting one, I have never really worked on a blog before nor do I regularly read blogs. This process opened my mind more and got me interested in how people work on blogs and I would love to continue to do this in the future. Being able to work on a topic that I hold dead (Home brewing) was equally as enlightening it let me not only research interesting facts about it but learn about how to better myself in the process and figure out why I got involved with home brewing in the first place.

Some blogging experiences that worked for me was the research aspect, as I said earlier I am a huge fan of home brewing so being able to blog about a topic I enjoy made me put forth more motivation to writing. Some of the things that did not work while I was in the blogging process were some of the technical aspects, I did have a difficult time figuring out how certain things worked and with the restrictions that some sites have (unless you pay money) it was difficult to blog to the best of my abilities.If I could improve the content of my blog I would have done more research into certain topics and gotten more into the technical aspects of blogging to make it more visually appealing. I feel like through this process is has not only made me a better blogger but also more aware of a hobby that I really enjoy and the rich history that entails in certain drinks.

I hope this blog helped inform you about the home brewing process and I hope that through this blog you can try out home brewing yourself, it is a truly amazing hobby that is incredibly old and very satisfying to take part of. Thank you for joining me through this amazing journey if you do make your own beverages I would love to see how they turn out you can contact me here happy brewing!


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The Marketing plan for Home Brewing (Entry 7)

Home Brewing can be one of the most enriching and satisfying experiences a person can go through, being able to take the time and effort into a project (your beverage) then be able to enjoy it after and not only see the fruits of your labor but to also taste them and share them with others has to be one of my favorite feelings that a person can go through. The process itself can be complicated but with the help of a professional (or for me the internet) I was able to make a product that I am proud of

(A great video to see for how to make a basic beverage is this one below)

Now that you have the basis for the beverage that I prefer to make I would like to discuss with you the basic strategic marketing plan that I have for the business I would like to start.

If you have not read my previous blog posts then I will explain if not then you can skip to the next paragraph, I would like to make a shop where you can rent brewing equipment so that it can reduce the amount of waste produced from making individual products, a place where people can go and ask for professional advice where they would go with you and even walk you through the process, and most importantly a place where you can reuse the yeast that is used in the home brewing process instead of throwing it away.

My marketing plan is to first get my degree in business and open a shop with a couple of my friends who also home brew with me. We would start as a regular shop and hopefully by 2020 we can start to use our expertise to walk people through the process and even have them brew in the shop where the owners would then watch over their creation until it is ready for consumption. After a while of this we would hope by 2023 that we have started to reuse yeast so that it can be more sustainable for the planet and more cost efficient for the patrons of the shop. By 2026 we hope to open a second shop somewhere and then expand from there and become a nation or even world wide franchise that is well known and looked up too for being one of the first sustainable home brewing franchises.

These are my plans and hopes for the home brewing industry, I hope you follow with me through as I pursue these dreams and hopes and hopefully revolutionize the home brewing industry


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Concerns with home brewing

In the world of home brewing there are not many socio-cultural problems that occurs with in the culture that is home brewing. In the older times (the 1920-1930) the prohibition there was more of a socio-cultural problem because of the thought process around fermented beverages. In modern times though people tend not to have problems with the home brewing culture as it is. It is a culture that many people enjoy and that brings people together, weather it be neighbors, festivals, or even competitions people all over the world love to home brew.

The process of home brewing does not effect the environment as much, the only way it does is with the equipment that is used and made for the process of home brewing. There is a lot of plastics involved in the process from the primary fermentor (which could also be a glass jug but it mostly plastic) to the siphon hose, to the extra stuff that you use in order to create the beverage of of your choice.

In the home brewing process there are many regulations that are implemented to ensure that this is just a hobby and not people using it as a business to sell. Each state is different in the legality of the home brewing process, how much they can make at a time, age restrictions, and how much you can keep in storage in one area at a time.

The face of home brewing

There are many different kinds of beverages to make and many different recipes to try, almost limitless amounts of variation that can be achieved. Within this whole culture though there are the people who go forth and put this activity into practice and enjoy it as both a hobby and even as their job. In the last post I talked about a practice that I would like to put into place, the more sustainable practices that home brewers can take. As a home brewer myself purchasing new supplies can be a hassle especially if you only need to use one item once in a while. We can help be more sustainable by renting this equipment or even reusing the yeast. Yeast is not very expensive but we could practice a more sustainable method if we apply ourselves. These packs of yeast averagely cost anywhere from $1.00 to $3.00, but this could be cheaper if we use the more sustainable choice. Most home brewers normally throw away the the excess yeast that is left over after the fermenting process. But a consumer could save more if they just dehydrate the left over yeast so it could be reused.

This process and idea would designate with all the people involved with home brewing because it’ll be more sustainable and it will save them money as well. There is not many rental places for equipment however because most home brewers like to own their equipment so they can always have it, but if there were a well known store that they could rent equipment from for cheaper than they might change their minds about that. The yeast would also be a problem because most people would not want to transfer the excess to a different location so that it could be dried out for later use. The reason they wouldn’t do this is because the residue can be (to be honest) kind of gross to clean out and even transport. I believe though that if people were to learn more about the sustainable and cheaper option then they would love to start to be more sustainable in their home brewing process.

Creating sustainable home brewing culture

The process of home brewing can be a long tedious one that requires both patience and the equipment necessary to create something new. Unfortunately through this process there is a lot of purchasing of equipment and waste that is produced from home brewing. There are several ways that people can be more sustainable with the process of home brewing. 

There are many at home methods that you can use in order to be more sustainable such as reusing cleaning water, growing your own ingredients, and using local products to help stimulate the local economy. What I think would be a good idea for helping sustainability is also a great business opportunity. I would like to open up a place that not only advises on how to properly home brew but also rent equipment to people, a lot of people purchase new equipment that is made from cheap plastics but if they could rent excellent equipment for a lower price. Renting equipment could be a cheaper and more efficient for beginners and even experts.

In the establishment there would also be a place to bring the residue from the batch of their fermented beverage over to the place so it could be reused for later use in other batches (If it is dried out and strained for at least one week).

Specifically the reason I want to do this so badly is because there are no stores that use sustainable home brewing techniques. There are several books on sustainable home brewing but no specific stores that provide such sustainable options.

Dwelling deeper into Home Brewing

Home brewing as a culture is an older kind of culture but still relatively new, its popularity only really came around because of the probationary period in American history. People all over the USA wanted to drink fermented beverages but couldn’t purchase it, so instead they decided to make their own.

Home brewing funny enough is as old as America itself if not older, (as I mentioned in my previous blog) George Washington brewed his own beer and handed it out to people so that they would be more motivated to go to the polls to vote (If only we could motivate people like that today). It is embodied into the American culture and has been for quite some time, the biggest example would be in the probation when alcohol was illegal. Many people were arrested and prosecuted for home brewing and a crime ring even formed around the process. When it was made to be legal again people realized how much fun it was making your own beverages and flexing your creative mind to make something that many people including yourself can enjoy.

Now I am sure that many of you are getting excited about the process and can’t wait to start your very first batch of beer or mead or whatever you would like to produce, but do not worry if you are underage my friends you are allowed to home brew under the supervision of a parent or guardian (But cannot legally drink it until you reach the required drinking age). Home brewing takes place all over America and pretty much anyone can do it, the culture is ever expanding with new recopies, new tricks, and new ways to brew.

With every culture comes a market, weather it be music, hiking, or even stamp collecting each culture for the most part does cost money to enjoy. For instance in home brewing you have to get the fermenter, the airlock, the siphon hose, the yeast, the ingredients, the cleaning supplies, and so much more. The cool thing about home brewing is that it is all relatively cheap (provided you purchase the less expensive equipment), so it is easy for almost anyone (as long as they have parent permission if under that age of 21) to brew in your own home and become enveloped in the ever expanding culture that is home brewing.

A slight inside of home brewing culture

Home brewing has always been an interest to me, growing up I saw my neighbor expand his collection and craft fermented beverages. He experimented and created new things and always had a fun time with it, after a while I began to ask more questions about the process and was immediately amazed about what information he had to offer and fell in love with the fine art and craft that is home brewing.

Home brewing is a lot like cooking in a sense, there are recopies that you could look up online or you could experiment to your hearts content but like most hobbies it’s a lot of skill and a little bit of luck.

When people who do not know much about the inside of the home brewing culture look at it they can see a various amount of things. Some people just see it as a craft hobby, and like many craft hobbies you can take pride in your work after finishing a product. People sometimes wonder why do we spend so much money on equipment and ingredients when we could just go to the store and purchase pre made beverages. Even still at times people see history in the process itself from where it originated in the probation era in American history.

One of the things that can be overlooked when enveloping yourself into the home brewing culture is that it requires a lot of patience. Too many times people think that they can brew something right away weather it be a kind of beer or a type of wine and drink it right away. The culture in itself does revolve around fermented beverages but there is so much more than just that, it is about the process, the creation, and taking pride in knowing that you created something that people can enjoy and that you can be proud of.

When I created my first batch of mead (which is a honey wine) I was very excited and to be honest very nervous, hoping that this thing that I created and took time in would not fail or go bad. This hobby and culture requires a lot of patience and takes a lot of time, I hope that through this process you continue to follow this blog to help understand more about the culture and maybe even the process that is home brewing.